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Petition Facts

Stony Point Local Election Petition Facts

Number of Signatures: 5% of total party (200-300)

Signer must be a Democrat. Be sure signature is legible. Might be good to have printed name below the signature.

Timing: Check start date for petitioning and date for submission to BOE.

Party and Symbol - Democratic

Candidates Name: As on voter registration. Can be a nickname like Ellie instead of Eleanor. 

If there is more than one local candidate running it’s generally helpful to have both names on one petition. (This was not the case with Ellie and John Fox who dropped out.)

Office: Must contain the exact official name of position being sought. Stony Point Town Council NOT Stony Point Town Board. Check with BOE for proper office names.

Residence: Exact with no abbreviations like St. Ave. etc

Committee to Fill Vacancies: Names of people who will fill vacancy if candidate drops out.

Signature Section: with address and date (signer needs only sign and Date. Address can be added by Witness. Errors can be cured by Witness.

For Candidate petitions you can get signatures from any district in SP.

Only registered Democrats living in SP can sign the petition.

Statement of Witness: Person who carried petition, address, and NUMBER of signatures on petition.

You can’t Witness your own signature.

Subscribing Witness Statement filled out fully. Dated any time after the last signature is collected. All the information can be filled in by someone else before the Witness signs. 

Binding & Cover Sheet: All sheets must be bound and include a cover sheet. Cover sheet can be obtained from BOE.

Questions: Call Kathleen Pietanza (Phone: 845-638-5172)


Any registered Democrat (even if not a resident of SP) can carry a Candidate petition. Not so for SPDC committee positions.

Pre-print Stony Point on all petitions.

Don’t sign the Witness section until you are done with the petition. It should be the last thing you do. The date you sign has to be chronologically the last date on the page.

Look for Working Family Party Endorsement Schedule. It should come from the County Chair.

Need 3 WFP signatures to get write in for primary. Primary winner gets line in November.


SPDC Committee Pettions

  1. No need to put cover on them.

  2. Each District’s sheet is numbered starting from 1

  3. Each committee member will get a letter with the option to decline membership.

  4. We can move people around by having them resign and then re-appointing them to the new district.

  5. We only need to get petitions every 2 years for committee membership. So next is 2024.

  6. We can move people to different districts by having them resign and then appointing them to the preferred district.

  7. Petitions for SPDC needed every 2 years. Next cycle 2024.

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