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The Stony Point Democratic Party

Get Involved in the Future of our Town!

We're Focused on Issues

That Effect Life in Stony Point

  • Update our 28 year old zoning and land use master plan by utilizing input from a cross-section of town residents to create a new vision for the future of Stony Point.

  • Add zoning code regulations that preserve and protect our neighborhoods to prevent landlords from converting single family homes into multi-occupancy boarding house rentals.

  • Provide access to town board meetings by broadcasting and archiving town board meetings so that everyone can easily keep up with what's going on in town.

  • Improve library services by expanding the Rose Memorial Library using Ramapo Catskill Library Association grants to keep costs down.

  • Bring residents together to pro-actively develop the Letchworth property rather than letting developers influence its outcome.

  • Create a robust economic and business development plan with help from the North Rockland Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders to revitalize Stony Point.

  • Pass laws to prevent nepotism so that working for the town doesn’t become a “family business”.

  • Advertise all Planning, Zoning, and Architectural Review Board openings to the public so that interested residents can apply.

  • Encourage Town Board members to have important discussions and make decisions in public and not behind closed doors.

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Stony Point Dems: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Each month the Stony Point Democratic Committee performs a public service for our community. You don't have to be a committee member or a Democrat to participate. Just let us know you're interested and we'll invite you to our next project.

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Thank Your for helping us make a difference!

Winter Gala 2024
Honoring the Stony Point Seals
Winter Gala 2024
Honoring the Stony Point Seals
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