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About the Stony Point Democratic Party

A New Direction for Stony Point

The Stony Point Democratic Party is focused on issues that effect our town.

Stony Point has amazing untapped potential, including  our beautiful waterfront, our historical roots and revolutionary war battlefield, our world class golf course, as well as nearby Harriman State Park, Bear Mountain and West Point, among its other unique assets.

Stony Point Democrats believe we can capitalize on this potential and develop a more prosperous and vibrant Stony Point  without destroying  the things that we love about our Town. 


The Many Voices of Stony Point

"During Covid we were looking to leave the City. We explored quite a bit of the Hudson Valley but fell in love with Stony Point."

New Resident

"I grew up in Stony Point and can honestly say it's changed so much I hardly recognize it. I hope we don't ruin the Town in the name of lower taxes and haphazard development."

Lifelong Stony Pointer

"My children can't afford to live here anymore. They've had to move away. We need to have more affordable housing and rents."

Concerned Mother


Our Candidate
Ellie Kassner for Town Council


Civil Communication

We need to talk and listen to each other with respect


Conscientious Zoning

While we welcome new neighbors and encourage new businesses we want to maintain the charm of Stony Point


Get Involved

There are many ways to take action either as as a member of Stony Point Democratic Committee or as a volunteer, all of which are key elements to the success of our vision for a more prosperous and vibrant Stony Point.  Have a look at some of the opportunities to get involved below, and get in touch for more information about how you can do your part.

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Join the Committee

Get involved in shaping the future of Stony Point by joining the Committee. Attend once a month meetings to discuss local issues and plan for the future.


Our work is never done, and we can use all the help we can get. One of the ways you can participate is by Volunteering to help when you have the time. Volunteering can range from  helping at special events and fundraisers, to participating in local Stony Point campaigns.

Keep Me in the Loop

Building community  is an essential part of our movement’s success. Sign up to receive updates on what's happening with the Stony Point Democrats or attend an event. It's a great way to connect with the local community and learn about how we are helping to create a better future for Stony Point.


Support the Stony Point Democratic Party

Help Create a Better Future for Our Town

Let's  work together as citizens and neighbors to help Stony Point reach  its true  potential.