Meet The Candidates


Mike Diederich Jr

Town Supervisor

Mike is a "citizen-soldier" and people's side employment law and civil rights lawyer, A life-long resident and  NRHS graduate, he is an Iraq & Afghanistan veteran.

Mike fought to give you a choice in the Sale of the PATRIOT HILLS GOLF COURSE. 

Mike wants bi-partisanship and transparency in town government. No patronage. No self-dealing.

"The Town Supervisor must serve to protect the townspeople and our quality of life"

"Placing the Town's golf Course and Camp Bullowa in private hand is a recipe for Land Use disaster, namely, "HIGH DENSITY HOUSING"

As an attorney, Mike has influenced  the US Supreme Court and litigated civil rights and land use cases. 

Mike will protect the Town and its citizens in a lawful manner, protecting the rights of all. 

Mike has fought for taxpayers and   against corruption.  He is fighting to save the Boy Scouts' Camp Bullowa. 

Mike will fight for cost effective and efficient town government. 

Mike was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his military service in Afghanistan in 2012.


Lauren Schimko

Town Council

I will demand that our tax dollars are spent responsibly.. 

I will engage the community in decision making  that impact all of our lives. 

I will require that all Town meetings be live-streamed and expand the opportunity for public input. 

I will work vigorously to ensure small businesses thrive in Stony Point. 

I will obtain grants to establish a community driven "Stony Point Revitalization Board" to promote beautification, a positive image and long term planning. 

I will preserve and maintain open space now, and for our future. 

I will strengthen family friendly activities and improve our recreational offerings to engage residents of all ages. 

I will be vigilant about  land-use issues that have the potential to place stress and excessive demands on our infrastructure.

I will dedicate myself to creating a Stony Point that we can commit to for the long term and feel proud to live in. 


Mari Morrison Rodriguez

Town Council

Heading 1

      Who I am:

25 years County of Rockland CSEA Employee. 

Lifelong Stony Point Resident and Former Democratic Candidate for Rockland County Legislature in our District.

North Rockland Midget Football former Board Member and Coach

New York State Crisis Response Team

New York State Case Management  Coalition

Advocate for Disabled and Special Education, Bridges Employee​

"Angel" for Hope Not handcuffs

Leadership Rockland, Class of 2022

Stony Point Deserves Better 

Fiscal Accountability

Transparency in Local Government

Virtual Town  Meetings

Respect, Answers and,  Effective Communication in Town Meetings

Responsible Development and Land Use

Term Limits

Protection of our Resources and Clean Water

Waterfront Revitalization

Increased Revenue and New Business.

I will achieve this by:

Reviewing and revisiting town and sewer expenditures

Restructuring the Mirant Debt for tax relief

Accessibility, Coffee events with Town Council, Listening to  You

Utilizing Grant Writers and Proactive Revitalization of our Master Plan

Ensuring ongoing town revenue (golf course, clubhouse, etc.)

Town of Stony Point Public Relations Campaign

Supporting local  Events such as Street Fairs and Concerts

Fighting High Density Housing that puts our resources at risk

No more 26% raises for Executive Board Members

              FAIR Representation.

There is no inclusivity on your Town Board. There are ONLY Republican Men.